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DH Labs 20% July Specials

by DH Labs Silver Sonic (Specials)


DH Labs 10-20% July Specials

Save up to 20% in July on great cable choices from one of our top "bang for the buck" cable lines. Just use the DH20 Promo Code when you order.


20% off DH Labs HDMI 2.0 Silver using discount code DH20. 

The HDMI 2.0 Silver (reg. from $80/1m) uses silver coated Continuous Crystal conductors with a nitrogen injected dielectric and quad shielding for noise rejection in this 4k ready HDMI cable. Long run? To maintain the bandwidth all lengths over 6m include a built-in signal amp.

DIY Alert! 20% off ALL DH Labs Bulk AC Cables.

DH Labs is also one of our best-selling bulk cable lines for DIY projects. And right now all three of their bulk AC cables  are 20% off starting with the regular $5 per foot Encore, an affordable, 3 x14 gauge, OFHC copper AC cable, all the way up to $40 (before discount) per foot for their best silver-coated OFC, 3 x 10 gauge Red Wave Power Cable.       

Use the above links to read more about these cables, and use Promo Code DH20 to save 20% when you order!

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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