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DH Labs 20-30% March Specials

by DH Labs Silver Sonic (Specials)


Save up to 30% in March on three great cable choices from one of our top "bang for the buck" cable lines. Just use the relevant Promo Code when you order.


20% off on DH Labs BL-1 Series II  interconnects and BL-1 iCable using discount code DH20

The BL-1 Series II  (reg. from $110/pr) use high purity silver, Teflon and oxygen-free copper for what we consider one of the best affordable cables out there. 100% shielded, silver soldered, and available with RCA's, XLR's, or as the iCable with a mini plug on one end and 2 RCA's on the other to connect your stereo to the headphone jack on most portables.


20% off DH Labs HDMI 2.0 Silver using discount code DH20

The HDMI 2.0 Silver  (reg. from $80/1m) uses silver-coated Continuous Crystal conductors with a nitrogen injected dielectric and quad shielding for noise rejection in this 4k ready HDMI cable. 

Long run? To maintain the bandwidth all lengths over 6m include a built-in signal amp.

DIY Alert! 30% off DH Labs Bulk Subsonic Subwoofer Cable using discount code SUB30

DH Labs is also one of our best-selling bulk cable lines for DIY projects. And right now their special-for-subwoofers bulk SubSonic cables  are 30% off for minimum 20 foot lengths. SubSonic uses OFC copper conductors with foam PE insulation and a braided shield to protect against RF interference in long runs. 

At only $28 for 20 feet on special it is a stone bargain if you like to "roll your own" cables.

Use the above links to read more about these cables, and use the relevant Promo Codes when you order!

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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DH Labs 20-30% March Specials

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