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DH Labs 20-25% May Specials

by DH Labs Silver Sonic (Specials)


DH Labs 20-25% May Specials

Save up to 25% in May on three great cable choices from one of our top "bang for the buck" cable lines. Just use the relevant Promo Code when you order.

Power Cord: 

Save 25% on DH Labs TopLine Corona AC Cable using discount code CORONA25

Primarily known for their affordable, high value designs, when DH Labs pulls out all the stops, they can create something pretty special.

One of the best examples is the Corona AC cable, a very sophisticated design using extremely expensive materials. Each of the three 10 awg conductors consists of over 400 strands of Continuous Crystal Copper individually coated with pure silver. The dielectric is a special material that is "lossy" at RF frequencies to attenuate radio frequency noise that comes in on the power line, while the dual shields help block radiated rfi noise. The cable's overall geometry rejects magnetic field noise  (emi) as well as preventing the cable from radiating noise into nearby low level cables.   


20% off DH Labs Mirage USB using discount code MIRAGE20. 

This month, DH Labs is also offering a mouth-watering 20% discount on their best USB cable!

"The DH Labs Mirage is the best USB cable I have used in my system. Mirage consistently brought out the very best in the finest recordings; a reference grade USB cable, bar none. This is a game changer."

-Andre Marc Audio Video Revolution

The Mirage USB Cable is bursting the illusion that a high performance USB cable must cost a fortune. Mirage USB offers silky smooth highs, powerful dynamic range and liquid smooth midrange at a price that won’t break the bank. Like all DH Labs cable, Mirage USB is chock-full of high tech features all in service of preserving as much information as possible, and the results are audible. Mirage throws an impressive soundstage with deep, focused imaging and impeccable timing. Build an oasis of great digital sound in your home with a Mirage USB.


20% off DH Labs BL-1 Series II  interconnects and BL-1 iCable using discount code BL20.

The BL-1 Series II  (reg. from $110/pr) use high purity silver, Teflon and oxygen-free copper for what we consider one of the best affordable cables out there. 100% shielded, silver soldered, and available with RCA's,  XLR's, or as the iCable with a mini plug on one end and 2 RCA's on the other to connect your stereo to the headphone jack on most portables.

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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  • DH Labs 20-25% May Specials

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DH Labs Silver Sonic (Specials)

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