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CS-01 Carbon Spacer + CFRP Composite Insulator (Set)

by fo.Q


Please note, this item is frequently subject to extended lead-times which can stretch out to 5-6 weeks. 

The CS-01 carbon spacer is the ultimate in spacers for use with speakers, featuring a cutting-edge material that combines organic polymer hybrid vibration-damping sheets and high-grade carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

It effectively absorbs tiny unnecessary vibrations in the equipment, eliminating muddiness and distortion from the sound to produce a clear, translucent sound quality.

The adhesive damping spacers provided as an accessory can be affixed in any preferred locations. In addition to damping vibrations, they also serve to keep equipment firmly in place.

Product specifications


For small-sized speakers


Diameter: 24 mm; thickness: 2.5 mm

Load Resistance



8 spacers


16 adhesive damping sheets; thickness: 0.3 mm

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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fo.Q CS-01 Carbon Spacer + CFRP Composite Insulator (Set)
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