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Clearaudio Analog

Clearaudio Analog
Clearaudio Analog

Clearaudio offers the broadest selection of analog products in the world! With a full lineup of turntables, tonearms, and cartridges, and all manner of analog accessories, if you’re into analog, Clearaudio should be on your radar.

First and foremost, Clearaudio is a turntable manufacturer. With almost four decades of design experience, their offerings are universally solid, sonically gorgeous and visually appealing. Simple and uncluttered, the Concept turntable fits any décor. The jaw-dropping Innovation Wood looks like something from a retro-futuristic movie especially when fitted with the linear tracking TT-2 tonearm.

Clearaudio also makes an impressive array of cartridges. Their MM cartridges are fast, articulate and dynamic, their MC cartridges are smooth, wicked fast and ultra-resolving. Of particular interest is Clearaudio’s recently released top-line Charisma v2 MM, designed to shatter the perception that MMs can’t compete with MCs. Stepping into Moving Coil territory, we’d be remiss not to mention the Goldfinger Statement, one of the most gorgeous cartridges we’ve ever heard. Stunningly resolving, astonishingly smooth and quiet, there’s nothing else like it. The body is machined from 14K gold, the coils are 24K gold, three times the normal number of magnets, and specs to rival the best digital sources. No, this is not a cartridge for sheiks and oligarchs, Goldfinger is built for the audiophile who wants to step off the “upgrade train” and stop worrying whether their cartridge is getting everything out of their grooves.

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