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Clean Loving for Your System

Clean Loving for Your System
Clean Loving for Your System

Now that Valentines Day is behind us, it's time to show your system some love, too!  One of the best things that you can do for your system to improve the sound quality is to unplug every cable and power cord and clean the connectors.

We like Kontak Cleaner ($45) which is easy to use and does a nice job. You could use standard rubbing alcohol instead, but you won't get the connectors quite as clean. Stop at a drug store, tobacconist, or craft store to pick up some pipe cleaners to get into the RCA and XLR connectors as well as AC sockets, but that's the sum total of the investment into this upgrade, not counting your time.

For the finicky, you can even remove the fuses from their holders and clean the fuse end caps as well as the holders. (If you haven't upgraded your fuses yet, check out our half price overstock sale on HiFi-Tuning Supremes.)

Cleaning the contacts in the system is breathing new life into your music. Connectors accumulate minute amounts of dust and corrosion, which act as a semiconductive layer between parts (sockets and connectors) disrupting the signal flow. The list of benefits gained from cleaning the contact points in a system include:

  • enhanced low level detail and transparency,
  • improved bass response,
  • a greater sense of dynamic range.

While the system is "down" and you are cleaning connectors, take a moment to re-check the leveling of your rack and/or turntable. Now is also a good time to make sure the turntable bearing is lubed according to the manufacturer's directions and that it hasn't gone dry. You can also remove the cartridge clips and clean THOSE tiny little contacts while you are at it.

Reconnect the cables now that all of the contacts have been freshly cleaned and fire up the system. You should be pleased at the improvement in sound quality for just showing your system some "love."

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