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Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics
Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics, manufactures a wide range of high performance audio electronics, but may be best known for their portable electronics which set the performance standard for this part of the industry.

Even our Smart Phones can be a credible source for portable use, however to be considered a high quality source for headphones, a Smart Phone does need some assistance.

In essence a Smart Phone is a computer, and just like your home computer, the headphone output and internal D/A converters are sub-optimal (to be kind). You can store music on your phone, or stream from high quality sources such as Tidal, but the sound quality is limited by the low quality outputs.

This is why the Chord Mojo was created. The Chord Mojo ($499) combines an audiophile quality Digital to Analog Converter with an audiophile quality headphone amplifier (offering more than a taste of the performance of the Reference level Chord Hugo 2 $2695 -pictured). Pair the Mojo or Hugo 2 with an Android or iPhone (OTG or CCK cable required - explained here)  and a high quality set of headphones and you have a portable music rig that rivals the musical and audio performance of home systems costing many times more.

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