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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Digital: SPDIFAccustic ArtsDigital Line (New Edition) RCA$775.00
Digital: SPDIFAcoustic ReviveDSIX Digital Signal IsoLation Exciter RCA$1,150.00
Digital: SPDIFAcoustic ReviveSingle-Core Digital RCA$1,285.00
Digital: SPDIFAcoustic ZenAbsolute 75 Digital$498.00
Digital: SPDIFAcoustic ZenMC2=Zen Digital$296.00
Digital: SPDIFAcoustic ZenSilver Bytes Digital$253.00
Digital: SPDIFAcoustic ZenSilver Photon Digital$83.30
Digital: SPDIFAcrolink7N-D5000 Digital$1,015.00
Digital: SPDIFAcrolinkMexcel 7N-D6100 Digital$2,950.00
Digital: SPDIFAcrolinkMexcel 7N-DA3100 Digital$1,225.00
Digital: SPDIFAnalysis PlusBlack Digital$65.00
Digital: SPDIFAnalysis PlusDigital Crystal (RCA)$195.00
Digital: SPDIFAnalysis PlusGreen Digital Oval$149.00
Digital: SPDIFAudienceAu 24 'SE' Version Digital$590.00
Digital: SPDIFAudienceAu24 SX Digital BNC$750.00
Digital: SPDIFAudienceAu24 SX Digital RCA$895.00
Digital: SPDIFAudienceConductor SE Digital$374.00
Digital: SPDIFAudienceOhno Digital$95.00
Digital: SPDIFAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air Digital$1,300.00
Digital: SPDIFAudio MagicExcalibur II Digital$180.00
Digital: SPDIFAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air Digital$1,000.00
Digital: SPDIFAudio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air Digital$600.00
Digital: SPDIFAudio MagicXStream Digital$65.00
Digital: SPDIFAudioquestCarbon Digital$159.00
Digital: SPDIFAudioquestCinnamon Digital$59.00
Digital: SPDIFAudioquestCoffee Digital$395.00
Digital: SPDIFAudioquestDiamond Digital$820.00
Digital: SPDIFAudioquestForest Digital$25.00
Digital: SPDIFAudioquestWEL Signature Digital with 72V DBS (RCA)$3,400.00
Digital: SPDIFAudioquestWild Digital with 72V DBS (RCA)$2,050.00
Digital: SPDIFAural SymphonicsEchelon Digital SE2$1,250.00
Digital: SPDIFAural SymphonicsOptimism Lotus Digital for Wadia 900 Series$11,700.00
Digital: SPDIFBlack Cat CableDigit 75$595.00
Digital: SPDIFBlack Cat CableSilverStar 75 Digital$255.00
Digital: SPDIFBlack Cat CableTron Digital$2,595.00
Digital: SPDIFCardas AudioClear Digital$550.00
Digital: SPDIFCardas AudioParsec Digital$100.00
Digital: SPDIFChang LightspeedDigital Reference Link Mk II$452.00
Digital: SPDIFChord CompanyC-Digital RCA$60.00
Digital: SPDIFChord CompanyClearway Digital$145.00
Digital: SPDIFChord CompanyEpic Digital$640.00
Digital: SPDIFChord CompanyIndigo Digital$1,555.00
Digital: SPDIFChord CompanySarum Super ARAY Digital$3,935.00
Digital: SPDIFChord CompanyShawline Digital$290.00
Digital: SPDIFChord CompanySignature Digital$675.00
Digital: SPDIFCrystal CableCrystalDigit Dreamline Plus Digital$5,750.00
Digital: SPDIFCrystal CableCrystalDigit Reference Digital$1,500.00
Digital: SPDIFCrystal CableCrystalDigit Standard Digital$1,000.00
Digital: SPDIFCrystal CableCrystalDigit Ultra Digital$3,350.00
Digital: SPDIFDH Labs Silver SonicD-750 Digital$90.00
Digital: SPDIFDiMarzioHigh Definition Digital$59.95
Digital: SPDIFDynamique AudioFirelight 2 Digital$399.00
Digital: SPDIFDynamique AudioMagellen 2 Digital$1,120.00
Digital: SPDIFDynamique AudioReflex 2 Digital$95.00
Digital: SPDIFFurutechDigi Reference III RCA$1,048.00
Digital: SPDIFFurutechDigifux RCA Digital$1,473.00
Digital: SPDIFFurutechEvolution II RCA Digital$530.00
Digital: SPDIFGutWireChime 2 Digital$629.00
Digital: SPDIFGutWireSynchrony 2 Digital$359.00
Digital: SPDIFHarmonic TechnologyDigital Copper III$130.00
Digital: SPDIFHarmonic TechnologyDigital Silver III$220.00
Digital: SPDIFHigh Fidelity CablesCT-1 Digital$800.00
Digital: SPDIFHigh Fidelity CablesCT-1 Enhanced Digital$1,400.00
Digital: SPDIFHigh Fidelity CablesCT-1 Ultimate Digital $2,450.00
Digital: SPDIFHigh Fidelity CablesReveal RCA Digital$399.00
Digital: SPDIFHigh Fidelity CablesUltimate Reference Digital$4,450.00
Digital: SPDIFHigh Fidelity CablesUltimate Reference Helix Digital$6,450.00
Digital: SPDIFJena LabsDreamDancer Digi-Link$4,250.00
Digital: SPDIFJena LabsPathfinder Digi-Link$3,000.00
Digital: SPDIFJena LabsSymphony Digi-Link$700.00
Digital: SPDIFJena LabsTrio Digi-Link $180.00
Digital: SPDIFJena LabsValkyre Digi-Link$1,600.00
Digital: SPDIFJorma DesignDigital$1,100.00
Digital: SPDIFJPS LabsAluminata Reference Digital$2,749.00
Digital: SPDIFJPS LabsSuperConductor V Digital$849.00
Digital: SPDIFJPS LabsUltraConductor 2 Digital$129.00
Digital: SPDIFJPS Labs (Specials)Aluminata Reference Digital (RCA) 0.75 meter $2,199.00
Digital: SPDIFKimber KableAGDL Digital$297.50
Digital: SPDIFKimber KableD-60 Digital$234.50
Digital: SPDIFKimber KableDV-30 Digital$77.50
Digital: SPDIFKimber KableKS-2020 Digital$955.00
Digital: SPDIFKimber KableKS-2120 Digital$1,215.00
Digital: SPDIFKimber KableTGDL Digital$557.50
Digital: SPDIFKimber KableV-21 Digital$59.00
Digital: SPDIFMagnan Audio CablesDigital $1,200.00
Digital: SPDIFMagnan Audio CablesDigital AES/EBU$1,400.00
Digital: SPDIFMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesAVt 3 Digital$129.00
Digital: SPDIFMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesMIT AVt 1 Digital$129.00
Digital: SPDIFMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesMIT AVt 2 Digital$229.00
Digital: SPDIFMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesOracle 2C3D Digital with A.A.R.M$3,499.00
Digital: SPDIFMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesShotgun Digital$999.00
Digital: SPDIFNaim AudioDC1 Digital$550.00
Digital: SPDIFOmega MikroClearview Double Helix Digital$120.00
Digital: SPDIFOmega MikroClearview Double Helix Plus Digital$167.50
Digital: SPDIFOmega MikroClearview Ultrathin Digital$42.50
Digital: SPDIFOmega MikroClearview Ultrathin Plus Digital$70.00
Digital: SPDIFOyaideDR-510 / DB-510 $250.00
Digital: SPDIFPranaWireArhat Digital (RCA)$4,975.00
Digital: SPDIFPranaWireAvatar RCA Digital$5,950.00
Digital: SPDIFPranaWireDeva RCA Digital$1,450.00
Digital: SPDIFPranaWireNataraja RCA Digital$1,950.00
Digital: SPDIFPurist Audio Design25th Anniversary-Luminist Digital$4,300.00
Digital: SPDIFPurist Audio DesignAqueous Aureus-Luminist Digital$705.00
Digital: SPDIFPurist Audio DesignDominus-Luminist Digital$1,570.00
Digital: SPDIFPurist Audio DesignGenesis-Luminist Digital$240.00
Digital: SPDIFPurist Audio DesignNeptune-Luminist Digital$1,140.00
Digital: SPDIFPurist Audio DesignVesta-Luminist Digital$150.00
Digital: SPDIFShunyata ResearchAlpha Clock 50$1,000.00
Digital: SPDIFShunyata ResearchAlpha Clock 75$1,000.00
Digital: SPDIFShunyata ResearchAlpha S/PDIF$1,000.00
Digital: SPDIFShunyata ResearchDelta S/PDIF$500.00
Digital: SPDIFShunyata ResearchSigma Clock 75$2,000.00
Digital: SPDIFShunyata ResearchSigma S/PDIF$2,000.00
Digital: SPDIFShunyata ResearchVenom S/PDIF$200.00
Digital: SPDIFSilent SourceThe Music Reference (RCA) Digital$2,795.00
Digital: SPDIFSiltech CablesClassic Anniversary HF Digital$650.00
Digital: SPDIFSiltech CablesGolden Eagle 75 Digital$4,000.00
Digital: SPDIFSiltech CablesGolden Eagle 75 Double Crown$8,000.00
Digital: SPDIFSiltech CablesGolden Ridge II Digital$2,000.00
Digital: SPDIFSkywire Audio1200 Digital$180.00
Digital: SPDIFSkywire Audio1400 Digital$320.00
Digital: SPDIFSkywire Audio2020 Digital$570.00
Digital: SPDIFSkywire AudioSE Digital$105.00
Digital: SPDIFSnake River AudioBoomslang Digital$595.00
Digital: SPDIFStealth AudioSextet V14 S/PDIF$2,400.00
Digital: SPDIFStealth AudioSextet V14T S/PDIF - Tunable Version$2,900.00
Digital: SPDIFStealth AudioVaridig S/PDIF$650.00
Digital: SPDIFStraight WireInfo-Link Digital$150.00
Digital: SPDIFStraight WireS-Link Digital$43.00
Digital: SPDIFSynergistic ResearchCore Digital Active RCA$195.00
Digital: SPDIFSynergistic ResearchCore Digital Active SE RCA$345.00
Digital: SPDIFSynergistic ResearchGalileo UEF Digital $2,995.00
Digital: SPDIFSynergistic ResearchUEF Level 1 Atmosphere Digital $595.00
Digital: SPDIFSynergistic ResearchUEF Level 2 Atmosphere Digital $995.00
Digital: SPDIFSynergistic ResearchUEF Level 3 Atmosphere Digital $1,495.00
Digital: SPDIFTara LabsApollo Digital$116.00
Digital: SPDIFTara LabsISM Onboard 0.3 Digital$4,320.00
Digital: SPDIFTara LabsISM OnBoard 0.8 Digital$2,340.00
Digital: SPDIFTara LabsISM OnBoard Digital (RCA)$1,080.00
Digital: SPDIFTara LabsRSC Air Evolution Digital 75$765.00
Digital: SPDIFTara LabsRSC Prime M Digital 75$143.00
Digital: SPDIFTeo AudioSPDL RCA Digital$1,600.00
Digital: SPDIFVan den HulThe Digi-Coupler 75 Ohm$199.00
Digital: SPDIFVooDoo CableEvolution Digital$550.00
Digital: SPDIFVooDoo CableReference Digital$325.00
Digital: SPDIFVooDoo CableSilverstream Digital$145.00
Digital: SPDIFVooDoo Cable (Special)1m Stradivarius Digital SPDIF Interconnect / WBT 0110 Ag RCA$650.00
Digital: SPDIFWireworld Cable TechnologyChroma Digital$18.00
Digital: SPDIFWireworld Cable TechnologyGold Starlight 7 Digital$325.00
Digital: SPDIFWireworld Cable TechnologyPlatinum Starlight 7 Digital$850.00
Digital: SPDIFWireworld Cable TechnologySilver Starlight 7 Digital$200.00
Digital: SPDIFWireworld Cable TechnologyStarlight 7 Digital$60.00
Digital: SPDIFWireworld Cable TechnologyUltraviolet Digital$31.00
Digital: SPDIFWyWiresBlue Digital$199.00
Digital: SPDIFWyWiresPlatinum Digital$999.00
Digital: SPDIFWyWiresSilver Digital$499.00
Digital: SPDIFXLOReference 3-4 Digital$280.00
Digital: SPDIFXLOSignature 3-4 Digital$800.00
Digital: SPDIFXLOUltra Plus 4A Digital$150.00

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