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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Digital: AES/EBUAccustic ArtsDigital Line (New Edition) AES/EBU$775.00
Digital: AES/EBUAcoustic ReviveDSIX Digital Signal IsoLation Exciter XLR$1,325.00
Digital: AES/EBUAcoustic ReviveSingle-Core Digital AES/EBU$1,450.00
Digital: AES/EBUAcoustic ZenAbsolute 110 Digital$998.00
Digital: AES/EBUAcoustic ZenMC2=Zen AES/EBU$338.30
Digital: AES/EBUAcrolink7N-A2070II AES/EBU$725.00
Digital: AES/EBUAcrolink7N-DA2090 Speciale AES/EBU$1,085.00
Digital: AES/EBUAcrolinkMexcel 7N-A2500 AES/EBU$2,250.00
Digital: AES/EBUAcrolinkMexcel 7N-DA6300 (AES/EBU)$3,450.00
Digital: AES/EBUAcrolinkMexcell 7N-DA3300 Digital$1,450.00
Digital: AES/EBUAnalysis PlusDigital Crystal (AES/EBU)$195.00
Digital: AES/EBUAnalysis PlusGreen Digital Oval AES/EBU$149.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudienceAu 24 SE AES/EBU$865.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudienceAu24 SX Digital AES/EBU$1,025.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air AES/EBU$1,300.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudio MagicExcalibur II AES/EBU$180.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air AES/EBU$1,000.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air AES/EBU$600.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudio MagicXStream AES/EBU$65.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudioquestCarbon (AES/EBU)$159.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudioquestCinnamon (AES/EBU)$79.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudioquestCoffee with 72v DBS (AES/EBU)$395.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudioquestDiamond with 72v DBS (AES/EBU)$820.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudioquestWEL Signature with 72V DBS (AES/EBU)$3,400.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudioquestWild Digital with 72V DBS (AES/EBU$2,050.00
Digital: AES/EBUAural SymphonicsDigital Statement 2 AES/EBU$450.00
Digital: AES/EBUAural SymphonicsDigital Statement AES/EBU$375.00
Digital: AES/EBUCardas AudioClear AES/EBU$562.00
Digital: AES/EBUCrystal CableCrystalDigit Absolute Dream (AES/EBU)$9,000.00
Digital: AES/EBUCrystal CableCrystalDigit Dreamline (AES/EBU)$5,000.00
Digital: AES/EBUCrystal CableCrystalDigit Reference (AES/EBU)$1,500.00
Digital: AES/EBUCrystal CableCrystalDigit Ultra (AES/EBU)$3,350.00
Digital: AES/EBUDH Labs Silver SonicD-110 (AES/EBU)$88.00
Digital: AES/EBUDynamique AudioFirelight 2 AES/EBU$399.00
Digital: AES/EBUDynamique AudioMagellen 2 AES/EBU$825.00
Digital: AES/EBUFurutechDigi Reference III AES/EBU$1,157.00
Digital: AES/EBUFurutechDigiflux AES/EBU$1,755.00
Digital: AES/EBUFurutechEvolution II (AES/EBU)$639.00
Digital: AES/EBUGutWireSynchrony 2 Digital (AES/EBU)$359.00
Digital: AES/EBUHarmonixHS-102 DG Harmonic-Strings AES/EBU Digital$950.00
Digital: AES/EBUHigh Fidelity CablesEnhanced AES/EBU$2,240.00
Digital: AES/EBUHigh Fidelity CablesReveal AES/EBU$550.00
Digital: AES/EBUHigh Fidelity CablesUltimate AES/EBU$3,920.00
Digital: AES/EBUHigh Fidelity CablesUltimate Reference AES/EBU$7,120.00
Digital: AES/EBUHigh Fidelity CablesUltimate Reference Helix AES/EBU$10,320.00
Digital: AES/EBUJena LabsDreamDancer Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$4,300.00
Digital: AES/EBUJena LabsPathfinder Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$3,050.00
Digital: AES/EBUJena LabsSymphony Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$800.00
Digital: AES/EBUJena LabsTrio Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$200.00
Digital: AES/EBUJena LabsValkyre Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$1,700.00
Digital: AES/EBUJorma DesignDigital (AES/EBU)$1,500.00
Digital: AES/EBUJPS LabsAluminata Reference (AES/EBU)$1,724.00
Digital: AES/EBUJPS LabsSuperconductor Q AES/EBU$374.00
Digital: AES/EBUJPS LabsSuperconductor V Digital AES/EBU$649.00
Digital: AES/EBUJPS Labs (Specials)Aluminata Digital (AES/EBU) 1.5M $1,879.00
Digital: AES/EBUJPS Labs (Specials)Aluminata Reference (AES/EBU) 0.75 meter $1,379.00
Digital: AES/EBUKimber KableAGDL AES/EBU$297.50
Digital: AES/EBUKimber KableOrchid Digital$413.75
Digital: AES/EBUKimber KableTGDL AES/EBU$557.50
Digital: AES/EBUMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesOracle 2C3D Digital with A.A.R.M (AES/EBU)$4,499.00
Digital: AES/EBUMIT - Music Interface TechnologiesProline Digital Reference (AES/EBU)$1,799.00
Digital: AES/EBUPranaWireArhat Digital (AES/EBU)$4,975.00
Digital: AES/EBUPranaWireCosmos II (AES/EBU)$3,950.00
Digital: AES/EBUPranaWireDeva (AES/EBU)$1,450.00
Digital: AES/EBUPranaWireNataraja (AES/EBU)$1,950.00
Digital: AES/EBUPurist Audio Design25th Anniversary-Luminist AES/EBU$4,500.00
Digital: AES/EBUPurist Audio DesignAqueous Aureus-Luminist AES/EBU$815.00
Digital: AES/EBUPurist Audio DesignDominus-Luminist AES/EBU$1,700.00
Digital: AES/EBUPurist Audio DesignGenesis-Luminist AES/EBU$250.00
Digital: AES/EBUPurist Audio DesignNeptune-Luminist AES/EBU$1,260.00
Digital: AES/EBUShunyata ResearchAlpha AES/EBU$1,000.00
Digital: AES/EBUShunyata ResearchDelta AES/EBU$500.00
Digital: AES/EBUShunyata ResearchSigma AES/EBU$2,000.00
Digital: AES/EBUShunyata ResearchVenom AES/EBU$200.00
Digital: AES/EBUSilent SourceThe Music Reference (AES/EBU)$2,795.00
Digital: AES/EBUSiltech CablesGolden Eagle II (AES/EBU)$4,000.00
Digital: AES/EBUSnake River AudioBoomslang (AES/EBU)$695.00
Digital: AES/EBUStealth AudioSextet V14 AES/EBU$3,600.00
Digital: AES/EBUStealth AudioSextet V14T AES/EBU - Tunable Version$4,100.00
Digital: AES/EBUStealth AudioVaridig AES/EBU$800.00
Digital: AES/EBUStraight WireInfo-Link AES/EBU$150.00
Digital: AES/EBUSynergistic ResearchGalileo UEF Digital AES/EBU$3,495.00
Digital: AES/EBUSynergistic ResearchUEF Level 1 Atmosphere Digital AES/EBU$695.00
Digital: AES/EBUSynergistic ResearchUEF Level 2 Atmosphere Digital AES/EBU$1,195.00
Digital: AES/EBUSynergistic ResearchUEF Level 3 Atmosphere Digital AES/EBU$1,795.00
Digital: AES/EBUTara LabsISM Onboard 0.3 Digital (AES/EBU)$4,320.00
Digital: AES/EBUTara LabsISM Onboard 0.8 Digital (AES/EBU)$2,340.00
Digital: AES/EBUTara LabsISM Onboard Digital (AES/EBU)$1,080.00
Digital: AES/EBUTara LabsRSC Air Evolution Digital 110 $765.00
Digital: AES/EBUTara LabsRSC Prime M Digital 110$195.00
Digital: AES/EBUTara LabsThe Zero Evolution Digital AES/EBU$10,530.00
Digital: AES/EBUTeo AudioStandard Mk II (AES/EBU)$2,200.00
Digital: AES/EBUVooDoo CableEvolution Digital (AES/EBU)$600.00
Digital: AES/EBUVooDoo CableReference (AES/EBU)$350.00
Digital: AES/EBUVooDoo Cable (Special)1.5m Evolution Digital AES/EBU Interconnect / Neutrik Silver Pin XLR$499.00
Digital: AES/EBUVooDoo Cable (Special)1m Evolution Digital Interconnect - AES/EBU - Neutrik Silver Pin XLR$429.00
Digital: AES/EBUWireworld Cable TechnologyGold Starlight 7 AES/EBU$325.00
Digital: AES/EBUWireworld Cable TechnologyPlatinum Starlight 7 AES/EBU$850.00
Digital: AES/EBUWireworld Cable TechnologyStarlight 7 AES/EBU$80.00
Digital: AES/EBUWyWiresBlue Digital (AES/EBU)$199.00
Digital: AES/EBUWyWiresSilver Digital (AES/EBU)$499.00
Digital: AES/EBUXLOReference 3-4B Digital$370.00
Digital: AES/EBUXLOSignature 3-4B Digital$900.00
Digital: AES/EBUXLOUltra Plus 4B Digital$175.00

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