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With strong family ties to the Siltech Cable brand, Crystal Cable benefits from Siltech's 25 years of research and development into materials for use in high end audio cabling. Made exclusively in Holland, Crystal Cable uses silver as their primary conductor material, now combined in their top models with gold, which is impregnated to smooth silver's crystal boundaries. Crystal Cables has redefined elegance and domestic acceptability for high end audio cables with their ultra-thin and flexible Crystal Cable interconnects and Crystal Cable speaker cables. This high tech manufacturer is also making a strong statement in the computer audio market with their Crystal Cable USB cables and Firewire cables, as well as their RCA and BNC digital cables and AES/EBU digital designs. This less is more philosophy - less mass, less dielectric, less plastic, less resonance - finds its ultimate realization in the Crystal Cable Absolute Dream and Dreamline series, the pinnacle of their monocrystal silver designs. To help you choose the right cables and other products for your specific application most of our products are available for in-home audition through our our Cable Library service. By using our cable/component matching database gathered over the course of our 20+ years experience, we can help you to short list the best cables to match your system. To learn more about our try-at-home service visit our Cable Library, or you can request a Consultation from one of our experts. Most of our high end audio products are available for in-home testing through our Lending Library for cables, headphones and components. Our cable/component matching database, gathered from over 25+ years’ experience and over 10,000 library borrows, can help you find the best solution for your system. Request a FREE Consultation today with one of our experts.
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