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HiFiMan is one of our best selling lines of headphones, and with reason. Their headphones ultra light planar magnetic drivers deliver musical textures and vivid sound-staging. Their in ear monitors are no less superb. Many models are available through our lending library for home audition. Call your Cable Company consultant for details.
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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
HeadphonesHiFiManEdition S Black$249.00
HeadphonesHiFiManEdition X V2 Headphones$1,299.00
Headphone AmpsHiFiManEF-2A Headphone Amplifier$169.00
Headphone AmpsHiFiManEF-5 Headphone Amplifier$499.00
Headphone AmpsHiFiManEF-6 Headphone Amplifier$1,599.00
HeadphonesHiFiManES100 Earbuds$69.00
HeadphonesHiFiManHE-1000 V2 Headphones$2,999.00
HeadphonesHiFiManHE-400i Headphones$449.00
HeadphonesHiFiManHE-400S Headphones$299.00
HeadphonesHiFiManHE-560 Headphones$899.00
HeadphonesHiFiManHE-6 Headphones$1,299.00
Specials!HiFiManHeadphone Specials from HiFiMan 
Portable PlayerHiFiManHM-700 Portable Music Player 16GB$119.00
Portable PlayerHiFiManHM-700 Portable Music Player 32GB$249.00
Portable PlayerHiFiManHM-802 Portable Music Player$699.00
Portable PlayerHiFiManHM-901S Portable Music Player$1,499.00
HeadphonesHiFiManRE-400 Earphones$79.00
HeadphonesHiFiManRE-600s V2 Earphones$199.00
Portable PlayerHiFiManSuperMini High-Res Portable Player$399.00
SpeakersHiFiManX100 Desktop Audio System$499.00

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