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Audio Magic also produces high quality Power line products, as well as their Pulse Gen ZX product, that is wired to the component's internal IEC connection, and their related Speaker Clarifier.

All Audio Magic products are hand- constructed and must meet stringent quality control guidelines. The finest quality materials are used, to produce the finest in audio interconnects, speaker cable, and the aforementioned products.
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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Misc. AccessoriesAudio MagicBlack Out (Passive Noise Eliminator)$150.00
Tube AccessoriesAudio MagicBlack Out for Tubes$75.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudio MagicBlack Out Paint$80.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudio MagicBlack Out Wraps$75.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudio MagicCable Silencers$199.00
Power CablesAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air $2,000.00
Speaker CablesAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air (Pair)$4,000.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air AES/EBU$1,300.00
Digital: SPDIFAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air Digital$1,300.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air RCA (Pair)$2,200.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicClairvoyant Liquid Air XLR (Pair)$1,900.00
Jumper CablesAudio MagicClarivoyant Jumpers$650.00
Power CablesAudio MagicDark Thunder$130.00
Speaker CablesAudio MagicExcalibur II (Pair)$550.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudio MagicExcalibur II AES/EBU$180.00
Digital: SPDIFAudio MagicExcalibur II Digital$180.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicExcalibur II RCA (Pair)$280.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicExcalibur II XLR (Pair)$380.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudio MagicGround Disrupter - Blue Dot Premier$850.00
Jumper CablesAudio MagicIllusion Jumpers$250.00
Power CablesAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air$900.00
Speaker CablesAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air (Pair)$2,300.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air AES/EBU$1,000.00
Digital: SPDIFAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air Digital$1,000.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air RCA (Pair)$1,500.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicIllusion Liquid Air XLR (Pair)$1,600.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicMini Reference Gen II Premier$1,699.00
FusesAudio MagicNano-Liquid Premium$69.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicNexus Premier$3,599.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicOracle "12"$3,000.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicOracle "24"$5,000.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicOracle Premier$7,500.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAudio MagicP.E.A -The Standard$600.00
Acoustic TreatmentsAudio MagicP.E.A. -Mini Mite$200.00
Power CablesAudio MagicPower Drive$230.00
FusesAudio MagicPremier Bees Wax SHD- "Super High Definition" Fuse$175.00
FusesAudio MagicPremier Super Fuse$135.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudio MagicPulse Gen ZX$400.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudio MagicPulse Gen ZX Premier$550.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudio MagicPulsed Electron Alignment$600.00
AC Duplex Outlets and AccessoriesAudio MagicSHD Duplex Outlet$250.00
Jumper CablesAudio MagicSorcerer Jumpers$100.00
Power CablesAudio MagicSorcerer Liquid Air$550.00
Misc. AccessoriesAudio MagicSpeaker Clarifier$850.00
Jumper CablesAudio MagicStandard Jumpers$75.00
Power CablesAudio MagicThe Natural$3,000.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicThe Natural Interconnect (Pair)$3,200.00
Speaker CablesAudio MagicThe Natural Speaker Cable (Pair)$6,000.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicThe Q Premier$1,200.00
Speaker CablesAudio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air (Pair)$1,300.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air AES/EBU$600.00
Digital: SPDIFAudio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air Digital$600.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air RCA (Pair)$1,000.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicThe Sorcerer Liquid Air XLR (Pair)$1,100.00
FusesAudio MagicThe Super Fuse$105.00
FusesAudio MagicUltimate SHD Bees Wax Fuse$225.00
Digital: AES/EBUAudio MagicXStream AES/EBU$65.00
Digital: SPDIFAudio MagicXStream Digital$65.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicXStream SHD SE RCA (Pair)$160.00
InterconnectsAudio MagicXStream SHD SE XLR (Pair)$260.00
Power ConditionersAudio MagicXXX Gen II Premier$2,499.00

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