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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
CartridgesAir TightPC-1 Supreme$11,000.00
FusesHIFi-TuningSupreme Large (6.3x32mm) Fast Blow (F) Type$95.00
FusesHIFi-TuningSupreme Large (6.3x32mm) Slow Blow (T) Type$95.00
FusesHIFi-TuningSupreme Small (20mm/.75) Fast Blow (F) Type$75.00
FusesHIFi-TuningSupreme Small (20mm/.75) Slow Blow (T) Type$75.00
InterconnectsJena LabsAwakening RCA (Pair)$11,000.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsAwakening Twin 35 (Pair)$11,000.00
InterconnectsJena LabsAwakening XLR (Pair)$11,000.00
Power CablesDH Labs Silver SonicCorona$850.00
Digital: SPDIFJena LabsDreamDancer Digi-Link$4,250.00
Digital: AES/EBUJena LabsDreamDancer Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$4,300.00
InterconnectsJena LabsDreamdancer RCA (Pair)$8,500.00
InterconnectsJena LabsDreamdancer XLR (Pair)$8,500.00
Power ConditionersIsoTekEVO3 Sigmas$3,995.00
InterconnectsJena LabsFugue RCA (Pair)$700.00
InterconnectsJena LabsFugue XLR (Pair)$700.00
InterconnectsJena LabsGemini (Pair)$500.00
HeadphonesSennheiserIE80s Headphones$349.95
Analog AccessoriesIkedaIST-201 Transformer$4,800.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioMamushi Gold RCA (Pair)$1,545.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioMamushi Silver RCA (Pair)$1,595.00
InterconnectsSnake River AudioMamushi Silver XLR (Pair)$1,695.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Cadenza Bronze$2,309.00
CartridgesOrtofonMC Xpression$5,669.00
Speaker CablesSnake River AudioMumushi Silver (Pair)$2,095.00
Digital: SPDIFJena LabsPathfinder Digi-Link$3,000.00
Digital: AES/EBUJena LabsPathfinder Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$3,050.00
InterconnectsJena LabsPathfinder RCA (Pair)$6,000.00
InterconnectsJena LabsPathfinder XLR (Pair)$6,000.00
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Large (6.3x32mm) 500v Fast-Blo$69.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Large (6.3x32mm) 500v Slow-Blo$69.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Fast-Blo$59.95
FusesSynergistic ResearchQuantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Slow-Blo$59.95
AmplifiersNuPrime AudioReference 20 Mono Amplifier$3,800.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsSiamese 4 (Pair)$550.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsS-L (Pair)$400.00
InterconnectsJena LabsSoloist Plus RCA (Pair)$180.00
Digital: SPDIFJena LabsSymphony Digi-Link$700.00
Digital: AES/EBUJena LabsSymphony Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$800.00
InterconnectsJena LabsSymphony RCA (Pair)$1,200.00
InterconnectsJena LabsSymphony XLR (Pair)$1,200.00
HeadphonesFostexT20RPMK2 Headphones$139.99
HeadphonesFostexT40RPMK2 Headphones$139.99
HeadphonesFostexTH600 Headphones$999.99
Digital: SPDIFJena LabsTrio Digi-Link $180.00
Digital: AES/EBUJena LabsTrio Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$200.00
InterconnectsJena LabsTrio Plus RCA (Pair)$400.00
InterconnectsJena LabsTrio Plus XLR (Pair)$400.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 11 (Pair)$2,400.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 15 (Pair)$3,400.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 25 (Pair)$7,000.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 3 (Pair)$800.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 4 (Pair)$1,000.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 5 (Pair)$1,200.00
Speaker CablesJena LabsTwin 7 (Pair)$1,400.00
Digital: SPDIFJena LabsValkyre Digi-Link$1,600.00
Digital: AES/EBUJena LabsValkyre Digi-Link (AES/EBU)$1,700.00
InterconnectsJena LabsValkyre RCA (Pair)$3,000.00
InterconnectsJena LabsValkyre XLR (Pair)$3,000.00
AmplifiersAlo AudioContinental Dual Mono Portable Amplifier$1,499.00
InterconnectsCrystal CableCrystalConnect Dreamline Plus (Pair)$7,700.00
Power CablesEssential Sound ProductsEssence Reference II Power Cord$1,899.99
HeadphonesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)H118 Headphones$242.00
Headphone AmpsFostexHP-P1 Headphone Amp/DAC$469.99
iPod CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyNano-Platinum Eclipse iPod$475.00
Power ConditionersSilver Circle AudioPure Power One 5.0SE$8,000.00
Power CablesSiltech CablesRuby Mountain II$6,500.00
CartridgesMusic HallSpirit$100.00

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