Genesis - Luminist Biwire Speaker Cable (Pair)

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The audiophile aims for the highest quality and best sound possible. We offer the Genesis line in two different configurations, with customization available upon request:

Standard Speaker

Bi-Wire Speaker

These speaker cables come in a two (2) cable set.

The Genesis> Speaker Cables come standard with:

Purist's newly designed spade or banana!

These are our best connectors yet! They are crafted from beryllium copper with silver plating and then a final gold plating. Additional spade or banana tips can be purchased through your dealer.

Genesis Speaker/Bi-Wire Specifications
Conductors PCCC
Metals Cu
Dielectric Material P.P.
Gauge (effective) 10 AWG
Dampening Material N/A
Current Capacity (DC) 55
Resistance 0.000999Ω/FT
Estimated Break-In Time 200 Hours
Cable Diameter (Speaker) 3/4 Inch
Cable Diameter (Bi-Wire) 7/8 Inch
Connector Type Spade/Banana or Custom
Material Treatment Triple (3x) Cryomag©

A Letter from Jim

I’ve been in this business for over 25 years and for me, it started with art. The art of the craft, the art of music and being able to truly appreciate it as the artist intended. Our new, Luminist revision returns to these roots and is, we believe, a true marriage of art and fine engineering.

We named it for the Luminist art movement, a movement which emphasized depth and the beauty of the natural landscape and natural light. Luminist artists were so skilled that they rendered their brush strokes invisible, which kept the focus on the beauty of the painting. With our nearly 30 years’ experience, we are hoping to give you those invisible brush strokes, that you may hear music as truly, the artist intended.

Jim Aud

Founder and Audio Engineer

Purist Audio Design

Engineering, not marketing

Our Luminist revision marries engineering and art in a way they were meant to be. Constructed by hand by skilled craftsmen, and guided by nearly 30’ years experience in quality engineering, the Luminist sets a new standard in high-end audio. 

Luminist Hilights

  • Reengineered core wire to allow a more flexible design
  • Improved the metallurgy of the wire across all lines
  • New spade banana design to allow for easy change from spade or banana
  • Enhanced build quality and design for all cables
  • Enhanced Ferox and Contego Processing 
  • Improved Triple Cryomag process
  • New RCA connectors made from beryllium copper with silver then gold plating
  • New ultra-high end plugs on our top of the line AC Power cables
  • Refined engineering and enhanced design in our XLRs
  • Built by-hand, by skilled artisans
  • Engineered and built in the U.S.A

The Luminist represents quality engineering from the ground up. Our new Ferox process became Ferox 13, named because we polish it 13 times. Each polish pulls the silicon molecules closer together. It is a more efficient, spender design and requires less space to work. 

Our Luminist cables possess superior RMF, EMF, EMI noise reduction, and reduce vibration even better. It’s quality you can hear.

Engineering, not marketing

Hand-Crafted * 25 Years’ Experience in High End Audio * Made in the U.S.A

The audiophile aims for the highest quality and best sound possible. We offer the Genesis line in tw... Read More
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