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Internal Speaker Bullet

by Bybee

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The new Internal Speaker Bullet is designed as an alternative or a complement to the Internal Speaker Bullet Kit.  This device has 1 inch long leads made of 14 gauge copper wire.  Designed and constructed with a higher level of treatment, this product delivers detail resolution, warmth and harmonic richness unsurpassed in our other purifiers.  This product is primarily designed for internal application inside of speakers on the positive leg, however it can be used in same applications as Regular Large Purifiers when pricing is not an object.

Typical Speaker Applications:
1.    Placement between the speaker terminals and the internal crossover network.
2.    Placement at the terminals of each individual driver in a speaker system, for considerably enhanced performance over a single placement before the crossover.
3.   OEM use as a high-performance component within internal crossover networks. This application has the obvious advantage of flexibility for speaker systems of differing complexities.

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Bybee Internal Speaker Bullet
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