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Beat the Price Increase on Harbeth Loudspeakers

Beat the Price Increase on Harbeth Loudspeakers
Beat the Price Increase on Harbeth Loudspeakers

Harbeth follows in the finest tradition of classic BBC Monitors, making beautiful music with absolute purity of tone. Offering a standard of musicality seldom equaled, Harbeth speakers enjoy the unique distinction of being equally at home in your living room and the mastering studio. 

The pint-sized P3ESR is an improved take on the legendary LS3/5A. 

The extremely popular Compact 7ES-3 is essentially the same speaker, but super-sized in both physical and performance respects with the 7” woofer delivering greater dynamic range and extended bandwidth. 

A refined version of the original BBC mid-size LS5/9 speaker, many consider the Monitor 30.1's the ultimate music lover's speaker.

The Super HL5's may be the highest value proposition in the line offering near reference level performance in a modestly sized and priced package.

For those who accept nothing less than perfection, we present Harbeth’s flagship Monitor 40.2, a “BBC Grade 1 Reference Monitor” which has been used for over a decade to produce thousands of hours of programming for network radio, TV, and post-production.

For a limited time the entire Harbeth line is also available in special "Anniversary" finishes together with upgraded connectors and internal wiring. Beat the April 1 price increase this month!

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