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Audioquest's Newest DragonFly Lands: meet Cobalt

Audioquest's Newest DragonFly Lands: meet Cobalt
Audioquest's Newest DragonFly Lands: meet Cobalt

At the other end of the budget spectrum, and also officially launched this summer, Warwick Acoustics, home of the Sonoma Acoustics headphones fully expects that their new electrostatic headphone +DAC/Amp will become known as the greatest headphone system ever developed. The new Aperio is a $24k system consisting of a new generation electrostatic headphone combined with a reference level DAC/Amp incorporating analog as well as digital inputs and the control features needed to also be considered a stand-alone, full function line stage preamp.

This new statement model improves upon their highly regarded Sonoma M-1 Headphone System ($4999), which itself has recently been upgraded and now offers increased dynamic range and maximum loudness. Many would have considered the M1 to be a state-of-the-art headphone system in its own right. All we can say is with audio components, you often don't know that better exists until you hear it!

While the listening opportunities for the new Aperio to date have been limited, my ears say that they may well have actually achieved GOAT (greatest of all time) status.

Regarding the hefty price:

a) This is an amazing $24k electrostatic headphone with a world class DAC and preamp included, 

b) or call it a reference level $24k DAC with a world class preamp and amazing headphone included, 

c) or consider it a statement $24k preamp (built with full featured preamp functionality) with an amazing headphone and reference level DAC included.

d) Actually: all of the above.

However you look at it, as an ultra-high-end audiophile package this is something new, special, and exciting. If you are in the market for the best, highly recommended!

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