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Audio Magic's New CE Generators

Audio Magic's New CE Generators
Audio Magic's New CE Generators

Jerry Ramsey at Audio Magic has been developing novel products from innovative technologies for many years. Whether liquid conductor cables, or products ranging from Audio Fuses to Black Out Paint for circuit boards based on EMI/RFI absorbing materials, these products have been both successful, and to some extent, head-scratchers.

True to form, Jerry's latest creations, called CE Generators ("Clean Energy Generators" - $150 ea. or $399/3) are difficult to understand, but boy do they work.

A back story is in order: 

Jerry took a 2 week intensive course on health with a holistic doctor. One segment dealt with the deleterious effects of EMF (electro-magnetic fields) on the body and a discussion of a circuit to reduce EMF. As Jerry commented, 

"I went home and built a few prototypes, put them next to my bed side and slept with them, lo and behold I had the best sleep of my life and my dreams were so vivid - I just felt good. I then decided to take the devices and place them on my preamp just to see if it made a difference and I've got to say it absolutely floored me how much better my system sounded." 

Some further experimenting with shapes, sizes, and the "imprinting" of the 37 parts that constitute the final product lead to his final CE Generators.

Leaving aside all claims on the favorable health impact of these products, their impact on audio is undeniable. They come in sets of three because, once you place one on one of your components - I started on my preamp as Jerry did - you will want to try more. The effect is a clear lowering of the noise floor leading to better image separation, finer presentation of inner detail, etc. - you know the drill.

And more is better. Every component benefits as does the AC line conditioner, even the main electric panel.  Anywhere there is an EMF field, these will have a positive effect.

Although this cookie-size product looks so very simple, we are told that building them is time-consuming and very messy.  24 hours of set up time and an hour on the imprinter.

Anyway, hearing is believing. Enthusiastically suggested for in-home audition through The Cable Company Library.

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