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Audeze iSine In-Ear monitors

Audeze iSine In-Ear monitors
Audeze iSine In-Ear monitors

Audeze has become the dominant purveyor of Orthodynamic (Magnetic Planar) Headphones. Magnetic Planar is a technology that works very well for full size headphones (and large speakers such as Magneplanar), but it was thought that it would not translate well to the world of In-Ear Monitors. Audeze has now proven that it does work very well for IEM's after all!

Audeze has begun shipping their new iSine20 ($549-599) and iSine10  ($349-399) In-Ear Monitors. Both feature 30mm Magnetic Planar Drivers. The more expensive iSine20 driver has longer voice coils that result in greater drive and lower distortion. Both are available with or without Audeze's Cipher Lightning Cable as a $50 upcharge. The Cipher Lightning Cable incorporates an amplifier and 24 bit Digital to Analog Converter to allow audiophile performance driven directly from an iPhone (including the iPhone 7)!

Most IEM's are Isolating Designs that offer between 20 and 36 db of external noise rejection. This can be a good thing, but not always. The iSine designs are semi-open designs, sitting actually somewhat on-ear. This means that you can still hear some ambient sounds (phones ringing, announcements, horns, etc.).

Offering exceptional sound quality, the Magnetic Planar iSine's are unique semi-open designs that we find very cool-looking. Perhaps not a look for everyone, but all will appreciate the performance.

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