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Announcing New Atmosphere X Series Cables from Synergistic Research

Announcing New Atmosphere X Series Cables from Synergistic Research
Announcing New Atmosphere X Series Cables from Synergistic Research

One of the aural highlights of Axpona 2018 was most certainly the large Synergistic Research room. Their Magico/Constellation/Berkeley system was wired up with the brand new "Atmosphere X" series interconnects, speaker cables, and digital cables.

This is the first major revision to the incredibly successful Atmosphere UEF cable line since its original release in 2014, and it has an interesting back story. Let's have SR do the talking:

"Development of Atmosphere X began when Synergistic Research was included in a Cambridge University study on the effects of music played through a stereo on the human brain. In an experimental framework consisting of a structural environment where the only variable was music, researchers were able to measure changes in cognitive brain function. The results suggest music can ‘wake up’ our brains inducing activity in parts of the brain that were before asleep or dormant. When developing Atmosphere X cables, we pioneered new test procedures to assess how our brains react to music when played through a stereo with the only variable being different prototype cables and this led us to new cable technologies like UEF Matrix Shielding that dramatically increases your pleasure while listening to music.

Atmosphere X began when we started exploring ways to improve our Graphene-infused UEF Shielding by applying UEF Technology first developed for our BLUE Fuses to Atmosphere Series cables. By placing UEF Tech in a grid pattern on the shields of Atmosphere cables we were able to dramatically lower the noise floor with a surprising increase in musicality or the subjective enjoyment of music. We then began a painstaking double-blind 6-month trial where we would listen to seemingly identical cables marked with random alphanumeric codes to conceal differing patterns of UEF Tech inside each prototype cable and record which options elicited the strongest responses among a control group of listeners. By gauging actual emotional response we were able to isolate grid patterns that better conveyed the essence of music. We would then build on these patterns to find additional patterns that performed better than the last. In this way, our latest shielding technology is highly evolved from anything we have ever done before with each shield pattern selected for its ability to not only lower a cable’s noise floor, but to also convey a greater sense of musical enjoyment. The net result is the most advanced shielding technology we have ever developed with each model in the Atmosphere X Series gaining a special shielding pattern that best compliments the geometries of ALIVE, EXCITE and EUPHORIA."    

While it is always difficult to parse out what-is-doing-what in a great-sounding system at an audio show, having already previewed the new Atmosphere X series cables here in New Hope, we can confirm that SOMETHING VERY RIGHT is happening here.

In addition to a full range of new digital cables including USB and Ethernet designs, as well as SPDIF and AES/EBU cables, the new Atmosphere X interconnects and speaker cables come in three levels:

"Alive" (Level 1) features interconnects starting at $995/1m pair for RCA and $1295/pr for XLR, and companion speaker cables from $1495/8ft pair.

The "Excite" (Level 2) interconnects start at $2250/1m RCA pair and $2650/1m XLR pair, with $3495/8ft pair speaker cables.

The new top (Level 3) "Euphoria" interconnects sell for $3495/1m RCA pair and $3995/1m XLR pair, with $5495/8ft pair speaker cables.

Needless to say we are excited to be offering these for your in-home audition through The Cable Library, as well as having the opportunity to work more with these in our own systems!

In the meantime there is plenty of information on our website using the above links, or visit the Atmosphere X section of the Synergistic Research website here.
Highly recommended for in-home audition through The Cable Library.

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