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Analysis Plus Cables

Analysis Plus Cables
Analysis Plus Cables

Analysis Plus, a longtime supporter of Summer Against Hunger, is also one of our highest-value lines. Immensely popular with Musicians, Live-audio Professionals and Audiophiles, Analysis Plus cables feature a unique hollow-oval geometry which optimizes conductivity across the audio spectrum.

Their REL subwoofer cable (starting at only $149/3m) is one of the best and most affordable upgrades you can make to another of our Summer Against Hunger sponsors, REL Subwoofers.  And we have just posted a new promotion on REL's most popular and affordable Ti series subs.

Highly recommended, the Analysis Plus REL cable deepens, tightens and refines the performance of any REL sub.

Another of our favorite Analysis Plus products, their top-line Silver Apex series cables, has a completely unique geometry consisting of a silver oval inside of a silver oval inside of another silver oval, making them fully double-shielded and virtually impervious to any outside influence. Check out the tonearm version of the Apex! Silver Apex has incredible extended upper frequencies BUT - also has some of the body and harmonics that can sometimes be lacking in other pure silver cables.

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