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Analysis Plus Cables

Analysis Plus Cables
Analysis Plus Cables

Analysis Plus, a long-time supporter of Summer Against Hunger, is also one of our highest-value lines. Immensely popular with Musicians, Live-audio Professionals and Audiophiles, Analysis Plus cables feature a unique hollow-oval geometry which optimizes conductivity across the audio spectrum.

Their REL subwoofer cable (starting at only $149/3m) is one of the best and affordable upgrades you can make to another of our Summer Against Hunger sponsor, REL Subwoofers. Highly recommended, the REL cable deepens, tightens and refines the performance of any REL sub.

This summer we’d also like to spotlight one of our favorite Analysis Plus products, the the iPod Cable ($149/1m). This high-quality, pure analog cable connects the headphone jack of your iDevice to your system. Available in Mini to Mini or Mini to RCA, the iPod Cable delivers top to bottom tonal accuracy, excellent bass definition, the high-level of resolution you’ve come to expect from Analysis Plus.

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