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In turntable-based systems this is where the rubber meets the road. With this analogy in mind, as important as it is to put the right size and type of tires on your car, matching the cartridge to the turntable and tonearm is also critical.

Also of utmost importance is matching the cartridge to the downstream electronics in use. Does your phono stage have enough gain for a low output moving coil cartridge, or are you better suited to a higher output or moving magnet design?

Once you have chosen the best phono cartridge you will also find that tonearm cables are particularly important in the audio cable hierarchy because the low-level output from the phono cartridge is very fragile. 

We have analog fanatics on staff at The Cable Company who can help you to choose from the many phono cartridges we offer. Connect with our Audio Gurus at 800-FATWYRE or 215-862-4870 or Send email or use Contact form.  

DID YOU KNOW: We try to make most of our products available for in-home audition through our Cable, Component and High-End Headphone Library.The only Library of its kind.


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  • Azule Platinum Cartridge

    Azule Platinum Cartridge



  • Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement Cartridge

    Goldfinger Statement Cartridge


    ClearAudio Product

  • Air Tight Opus 1 Cartridge

    Opus 1 Cartridge


    Air Tight

  • Grado Labs Epoch - Lineage Series Cartridge

    Epoch - Lineage Series Cartridge


    Grado Labs

  •  Acoustical Systems Palladian Cartridge

    Palladian Cartridge


    Acoustical Systems

  • Air Tight PC-1 Supreme Cartridge

    PC-1 Supreme Cartridge


    Air Tight

  • Van den Hul Colibri Master Signature Cartridge

    Colibri Master Signature Cartridge


    Van den Hul

  • Titanium v2 Cartridge

    Titanium v2 Cartridge


    ClearAudio Product

  • Ortofon MC Anna Diamond Cartridge

    MC Anna Diamond Cartridge



  • Blue Lace Onyx Platinum Cartridge

    Blue Lace Onyx Platinum Cartridge



  • Rhodonite Platinum Cartridge

    Rhodonite Platinum Cartridge



  • Lyra Atlas Mono Cartridge

    Atlas Mono Cartridge


  • Coralstone Platinum Cartridge

    Coralstone Platinum Cartridge



  • Lyra Atlas SL Cartridge

    Atlas SL Cartridge


14 Item(s)

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