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Amazing Intro Offer on Pneupods: Save up to $400 per set!

by Pneuance Audio (Specials)

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Amazing Intro Offer on Pneupods: Save up to $400 per set!

Now that Pneuance has completed their product line with the availability of the higher weight-bearing model NP-2, it is time to get serious about these outstanding isolation footers. To give you that little extra push, we are offering special introductory pricing that saves you a bundle! 

The Pneupod Pneumatic Isolation Device

In days gone by, pneumatic isolation platforms, especially for turntables, were a pretty big deal. Derived from platforms originally developed for use under electron microscopes, these were state of the art isolation for audio electronics as well. But they came at a serious price.

We are excited to now be offering pneumatic isolation with a different, clever form factor in the form of the Pneupods  from a new audiophile company called Pneuance Audio. A precision set of USA-manufactured footers with highly durable rubber bladders, these are very simple to set correctly for the weight distribution of the component in question and they do not require periodic air top up.

The first version, released in 2018, handles up to 20 lbs (= 9kg) of weight per piece, so a set of 3 can hold up to a 60 lb component; use a set of 4 for 80 lbs. And now a double weight-bearing version is available for heavier electronics. Use the new model NP-2 for up to 160lbs (set of 4).

Sonically we have always loved compressed air for isolation. It really is the classic lifting of veils. You should definitely check these out through The Cable Library!  

For more information take a look at the latest review on Positive Feedbackand at the 5 minute set up demo.


Pneupod NP-1 (3 set): reg. $975  SPECIAL: $695 

                NP-1 (4 set): reg. $1295  SPECIAL: $895

Pneupod NP-2 (3 set): reg. $1050  SPECIAL: $795 

                NP-2 (4 set): reg. $1395  SPECIAL: $995

The above information is from the manufacturer.
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Amazing Intro Offer on Pneupods: Save up to $400 per set!

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  • Amazing Intro Offer on Pneupods: Save up to $400 per set!

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