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Active Room Neutralizers (Crystal)

by Bybee

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Introduced to the Bybee product line in 2017, these Active Room Neutralizers are a compliment to owners of the passive Room Neutralizers; or they can be tried on their own with great results. Each ARN is engineered with Bybee proprietary technology and have a 2-prong US plug attached to 10 feet of cord. They can be plugged into any electrical outlet. EU users can use a plug adapter on the units without problems, as the units do not draw a current. They are designed to activate the internal technology with energy rather than current, thus creating both an electric and magnetic field. When activated the units effect the air molecules in the room, rendering them compliant to sound waves. The results are astounding, with improved resolution, sound stage and overall musicality. Listening room issues prior to installation of the ARNs are nearly obsolete. 
Recommended placement of 2 ARNs is 4′ – 5′ from ground directly behind speakers. They can be hidden behind curtains, artwork, furniture, etc, without effecting their performance. Each listening room and system is unique, therefore users should experiment with placements to discover best positioning of the ARNs. Each position change of the ARNs produces changes to sound.

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Bybee Active Room Neutralizers (Crystal)
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