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Acoustic Signature Turntables

Acoustic Signature Turntables
Acoustic Signature Turntables

German manufacturer of high precision turntables and tonearms with turntables ranging from what we consider to be among the very best table-arm-cartridge packages for under $2k, the Primus, all the way up to the take-no-prisoners $100k+ Invictus, Acoustic Signature products are meticulously manufactured and true to the music. 

Each step up the line offers significant performance advantages. Take a look at our main Acoustic Signature page for the Wow XL available in Black or Silver and complete with tonearm for only $3198 or the Wow XXL, the same table with a much heavier and upgraded aluminum platter. The curvaceous and compact Challenger Mk3 (pictured above), or the retro-style Triple X which receives a full-size plinth fabricated from steel, aluminum and wood. 

The gorgeously rounded and futuristic design of Thunder is as purposeful as it is elegant. The Ascona is on our very shortest list of most desirable components, the chassis milled from a 2.6” aluminum block, this is no lightweight, tipping the scales at almost 180lbs. That mass is what gives Ascona its spooky realism, that spine-tingling sensation of listening to a flesh and blood human making music.

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