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A special note on the Reveal power cord

A special note on the Reveal power cord
A special note on the Reveal power cord

Many of our customers have already experienced the positive effects of the magnetic conduction technology on their AC powerlines by way of the MC-0.5  Module ($299). Very effective for both audio and video, and still the easiest and least expensive way to discover Magnetic Conduction at home. The Reveal Power Cord (from $999/1m) further develops and enhances this powerful effect, and to such a degree that it may in fact be the Grand Slam from among the "extra base hits" that we feel constitute each cable in the Reveal cable series.

One caveat on the power cables however: these are LARGE connectors. We struggled to stack two next to each other in the same duplex outlet, although one of these together in the duplex with a different power cord was not too bad.

We have a full compliment of the new Reveal Cables in our Cable Library for home audition/evaluation.  These are MUST HEAR cables in the under $1k category, and punch well above their weight class. Compare them to other contenders on your list. While there may be no such thing as a universal cable for every system, you may just come away as enthused as we are!

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