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Furutech's e-TP60/20
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Furutech's e-TP60/20

Power Conditioners by Furutech

Manufacturer's Description:

The new Furutech e-TP60-20 is similar to the ETP-60 above, but is heavily tricked-out. Some further refinements include: Furutech's Axial Locking System; Furutech's FP-20 (Gold) 15A/20A receptacles; and Furutech's g-762-18 Power cable with 20A IEC connector is included! The e-TP60/20 is a sophisticated, luxuriously made power distributor that eliminates many common problems found with audio and video components caused by massively contaminated electrical power. The AC waveform becomes severely distorted by ground noise, voltage spikes and sags, high frequency power supply noise from other components in your own system, plus radiated high frequency digital noise from processors and digital interconnects. There are also distortion products at the top and bottom of the AC waveform created by switch-mode power supplies in electronic devices on the same circuit. Additionally, you’re never alone; your residential AC mains supply is shared with other apartments, homes, and businesses on the same utility transformer. That’s why many audio and video enthusiasts notice their systems are more enjoyable late at night or on weekends!

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