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The resonance control products from Stillpoints set a new standard for component isolation and speaker supports using their proprietary bearing isolation designs. The Stillpoints footers come in three levels. The most popular, and what could be considered their core design, is the Stillpoints Ultra SS. The SS stands for stainless steel, which is Stillpoints' preferred material for both their component feet and their rack designs. The top line Stillpoint Ultra 5 offers five of the isolation modules which are incorporated into the Ultra SS design, and is their best component footer and speaker support. Modified Ultra 5 designs can be used as both footers for pianos, and cleverly as a resonance control LP "clamp." The smaller size Stillpoints Ultra Mini footers offer many of the advantages of these more sophisticated bearing isolation designs for lower cost. The Stillpoints ESS audiophile rack designs are similarly state-of-the-art with respect to resonance control and component isolation. Both functional and beautiful they can be configured with or without acrylic shelves, from two to five levels, and in both single and double component widths. Stillpoints is based in Minnesota and manufactures all of their products in USA. Most of our high end audio products are available for in-home testing through our Lending Library for cables, headphones and components. Our cable/component matching database, gathered from over 25+ years’ experience and over 10,000 library borrows, can help you find the best solution for your system. Request a FREE Consultation today with one of our experts
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