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WBT is a manufacturer of high-performance connectors, for the transmission of audio signals, from Germany. They are a pioneer of this category, and hold many patents relating to the design of signal connectors. Specifically engineered to improve the performance of audio components and signal cables, WBT connectors are widely used by manufacturers of high-performance audio and video gear to allow their products to perform at the highest level possible.
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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Binding PostWBTReplacement T-6 Torx Set Screws (Single)$3.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0510 Two Post Assembly (Single)$190.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0511 Four Post Assembly (Single)$300.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0512 Four Post Assembly (Single)$314.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0520 Two Post Assembly (Single)$204.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0521 Four Post Assembly (Single)$329.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0522 Four Post Assembly (Single)$341.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0530 (Single)$104.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0531 Biwire (Single)$128.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0532 Biwire (Single)$140.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0540 Two Post Assembly (Single)$259.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0541 Four Post Assembly (Single)$439.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0542 Four Post Assembly (Single)$451.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0702.01 -KIT (Set of 2)$214.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0702.01 Topline (Single)$107.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0702.11 -KIT (Set of 2)$276.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0702.11 Signature (Single)$138.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0702.12 Signature (Single)$138.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0702.12-KIT (Set of 2)$276.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0705-AG -KIT (Set of 4)$612.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0705-CU -KIT (Set of 4)$424.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0710 AG- KIT (Set of 4)$492.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0710 AG Nextgen Signature (Single)$123.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0710 Cu -KIT (Set of 4)$312.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0710 Cu MC Nextgen Topline (Single)$66.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0710 Cu Nextgen Topline (Single)$78.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0715 Extension Bolt (Single)$10.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0721 PCB Adapter Block (Single)$14.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0725 Power Bridge- Safety Line (Single)$27.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0726 Economy Power Bridge (Single)$12.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0730.01 Topline (Single)$64.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0730.11 Signature (Single)$87.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0730.11-KIT (Set of 4)$348.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0730.12 Signature (Single)$87.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0730.12-KIT (Set of 4)$348.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0735 -KIT (Set of 4)$300.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0735 Topline-Safety Line (Single)$75.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0763 Midline (Single)$44.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0763-KIT (Set of 4)$176.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0765 Midline (Single)$51.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0765-KIT (Set of 4)$204.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-0799 Safety Stick (Single)$1.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-9302 Chrome Plated Counternut (Single)$3.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-9303 Gold Plated Counternut (Single)$4.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-9404 Spacer Block (Single)$5.00
Binding PostWBTWBT-9410 (Single)$3.00

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