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One of the most innovative of all of the high-end cable manufacturers, Synergistic Research has expanded beyond interconnects and speaker cables into a broad cross-section of the high-end audio market. Having broken through into audiophile consciousness with their innovative AC power cables in the 1990's, today Synergistic Research offers cutting edge products in other important non-cable categories including Room Acoustics, Component Isolation Platforms and some of the best AC power conditioners available today. 

The latest breakthrough invention was the Synergistic Research’s UEF (Uniform Energy Field) Technology. With this technology now applied to products across the board, the performance level of today’s products are far superior to previous products even those featuring Active Shielding Technology, which had been the unique trademark of Synergistic Research cables for more than a decade. Active Shielding is still found in some types of cables such as AC power cords, where Active Shielding has a conditioning effect on the AC as it flows from the wall into the components' power supplies.

UEF Technology is also utilized in all their latest interconnects and speaker cables, AC cables, line conditioners, and, also in their active isolation platform, the Tranquility Base, which not only provides high level resonance control for your audio electronics, but also electrical conditioning for the component itself!

Synergistic Research is also committed to the room tuning/acoustic treatments category. Beginning with the launch in 2013 of the first UEF products: HFT – High Frequency Transducer and FEQ – Frequency Equalizer, SR has provided a unique alternative to traditional room tuning devices - almost an invisible solution.

Also in the SR mix of products you will find a wide range of cables for the digital and computer audio world; USB, Ethernet, Firewire, SPDIF and AES/EBU.

SR is also known for their range of high performance fuses, first introduced in late 2012. The top-line Synergistic Research Black Fuses are in a league of their own.

Most of our high-end audio products are available for in-home testing through our Lending Library for cables, headphones and components. Our cable/component matching database, gathered from over 25+ years’ experience and over 10,000 library borrows, can help you find the best solution for your system. Request a FREE Consultation today with one of our experts. 

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchActive Ground Block and Active Ground Block SE$1,995.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchBasic Grounding Cable$99.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchECT - Electronic Circuit Transducer$75.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchGalileo Mini Power Coupler 120v$400.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchGalileo Mini Power Coupler 230v$599.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchGreen Atmosphere Tuning Module$695.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchGrounding Block$595.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchHD Grounding Wall Cable$495.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchHigh Definition Grounding Block Cables$395.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchMini Power Coupler 120v$125.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchPicture of Cable Leads 
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchUEF Tuning Circuit$100.00
Misc. AccessoriesSynergistic ResearchXOT Carbon (Pair)$449.00

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