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The first products PS Audio manufactured were for reproduction of music played on vinyl records. Over the years their product line has grown to include the PS Audio Powerplant AC line conditioners and AC regenerators, and the PS Audio Perfect Wave CD transport and Perfect Wave DAC (digital to analog converter). They also have developed a line of PS Audio AC power cables, and continue to manufacture their PS Audio phono stage for analog enthusiasts.

PS Audio products are driven by new and innovative technologies. The company has been a pioneer both in the AC power filtration and digital source component segments of their business.
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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Power ConditionersPS AudioDectet$499.00
Power ConditionersPS AudioNoise Harvester$99.00
Power ConditionersPS AudioPower Plant P10$4,999.00
Power ConditionersPS AudioPower Plant P5$3,499.00

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