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This is The Cable Company master listing of all iPod Cables. These cables can also be used to connect most other devices with a headphone jack, such as your computer, to your audio system. 

Much as the "facial issue" is known as the "Kleenex," the " iPod Cable" has made it's way into the common vernacular. But it doesn't need to be an iPod, or iPhone. If your portable device or computer has a mini jack into which you could plug your headphones, you can also use an iPod cable to output a 2 channel stereo signal to your audio system, or to a higher quality headphone amplifier, or to amplified "computer speakers" all of which use a pair of RCA connectors for input. Any cable with a 1/8" mini pin on one end and a pair of RCA phono plugs on the other is an "iPod cable." 

In the green box on the right you can narrow your focus to one manufacturer at a time. For instance you can choose to look specifically at Audioquest iPod cables or Wireworld iPod cables.

By using the drop down menus below our Cable Company logo on the left you can look at other audio cable types such as USB and digital cable types, or other types of audiophile interconnect cables. 

To help you choose the right cables for your specific application most of our products are available for in-home audition through our our Cable Library service. By using our cable/component matching database gathered over the course of our 20+ years experience, we can help you to short list the best cables to match your system.

To learn more about our try-at-home service visit our Cable Library , or you can request a Consultation from one of our experts.

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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
iPod CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)GT-30P i-Device Cable$123.00
iPod CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)GT8 -A Lightning Cable$143.00
iPod CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iD-30PA iPod$63.00
iPod CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iD-30PL iPod$60.00
iPod CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iD-30PS iPod $56.00
iPod CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)ID-35L $52.00
iPod CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)ID-35R$66.00
iPod CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)ID-35SP$48.00
iPod CablesAlpha Design Labs (Furutech)iD8-A Lightning Cable$83.00
iPod CablesAnalysis PlusiPod Cable$149.00
iPod CablesAudioquestBig Sur iPod$109.00
iPod CablesAudioquestEvergreen Interconnect $32.00
iPod CablesAudioquestGolden Gate iPod$65.00
iPod CablesAudioquestSydney iPod$179.00
iPod CablesCrystal CableCrystalConnect Piccolo iPod$500.00
iPod CablesKimber KableGQ- Mini Cu iPod (GQMINICU)$80.75
iPod CablesKimber KableGQ- Mini-Mini Cu iPod (GQMMCU)$65.75
iPod CablesKimber KableGQ-Mini AG iPod (GQMINIAG)$552.75
iPod CablesKimber KableGQ-Mini HB iPod (GQMINIHB)$323.75
iPod CablesKimber KableGQ-Mini-Mini AG iPod (GQMMAG)$455.00
iPod CablesPurist Audio Design25th Anniversary 1/8" (3.5 mm) Phono to RCA$675.00
iPod CablesStraight WireMusicable II (Mini to 2RCA)$32.00
iPod CablesStraight WireMusicable II iPod$18.00
iPod CablesStraight WireSymphony II iPod$55.00
iPod CablesTara LabsRSC ICon Cable (1/8 Stereo to 1/8 Stereo)$125.00
iPod CablesTara LabsRSC ICon Cable (1/8 Stereo to RCA)$143.00
iPod CablesVooDoo CableiLink - 3.5mm Mini to 3.5mm Mini$150.00
iPod CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyiWorld iPod$20.00
iPod CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyNano-Eclipse iPod$175.00
iPod CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyNano-Platinum Eclipse iPod$475.00
iPod CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyNano-Silver Eclipse iPod$225.00
iPod CablesWireworld Cable TechnologyPulse iPod$36.00

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