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PranaWire, offers a line of audio cables, Interconnects, Speaker Cables, Power Cables and Digital Cables that offer the very highest performance available. Hand Crafted in Northern California. PranaWire features the finest copper, silver, and dielectrics. Using advanced geometries with multilayer shieldingfor Radio Frequency isolation. PranaWire cables vanishingly low noise floor allows truly stunning dynamics, both micro and macro, amazing transparency, exceptional coherence for the ultimate musical reproduction.
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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Power CablesPranaWireAvatar II$16,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireChela$995.00
Power CablesPranaWireCosmos$3,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireKensho III$1,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireLinebacker SE$3,995.00
Power CablesPranaWireLinebacker XE$12,500.00
Power CablesPranaWireMaha Samadhi$4,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireSamadhi$3,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireSatori$2,950.00
Power CablesPranaWireVajra SE$6,950.00

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