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DH Labs Silver Sonic cables are among the finest audio and video cables on the market today. Utilizing the finest conductors, dielectrics, geometries and connectors, the end results speak for themselves - or rather they don't speak - they carry the audio or video signal from one component to another unharmed and unchanged. 100% made in the USA and terminated by highly experienced craftsmen, DH Labs/Silver Sonic cables are a true high performance and very high value cable line.
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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
InterconnectsDH Labs Silver SonicAir Matrix (Pair)$245.00
InterconnectsDH Labs Silver SonicBL-1 iCable$110.00
InterconnectsDH Labs Silver SonicBL-1 Series II (Pair)$110.00
InterconnectsDH Labs Silver SonicRevelation (Pair)$450.00
InterconnectsDH Labs Silver SonicWhite Lightning (Pair)$53.50

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