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Jorma Design products are manufactured with one goal in mind- to reproduce music with nothing added or subtracted. To that end, they utilize the finest, purest copper, best insulating materials, and construction techniques.
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CategoryBrandModelRetail Price
Digital: SPDIFJorma DesignDigital$1,100.00
Digital: AES/EBUJorma DesignDigital (AES/EBU)$1,500.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignDuality (Pair)$3,000.00
InterconnectsJorma DesignDuality (Pair)$1,850.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignDuality Biamp (Pair)$5,500.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignDuality Biwire (Pair)$4,500.00
Power CablesJorma DesignDuality Power$1,600.00
InterconnectsJorma DesignNo. 3 (Pair)$950.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignNo. 3 (Pair)$1,450.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignNo. 3 Biamp (Pair)$2,750.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignNo. 3 Biwire (Pair)$2,625.00
Jumper CablesJorma DesignNo. 3 Jumper$700.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignOriga (Pair)$7,000.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignOriga Biamp (Pair)$10,200.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignOriga Biwire (Pair)$9,625.00
Jumper CablesJorma DesignOriga Jumper$1,925.00
InterconnectsJorma DesignOrigo (Pair)$5,250.00
Power CablesJorma DesignOrigo Power$3,200.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignPrime (Pair)$12,800.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignPrime Biamp (Pair)$20,400.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignPrime Biwire (Pair)$19,250.00
Jumper CablesJorma DesignPrime Jumpers$3,050.00
Power CablesJorma DesignPrime Power$4,900.00
InterconnectsJorma DesignPrime RCA (Pair)$9,900.00
InterconnectsJorma DesignPrime XLR (Pair)$10,500.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignStatment (Pair)$16,000.00
InterconnectsJorma DesignUnity (Pair)$4,000.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignUnity (Pair)$5,000.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignUnity Biamp (Pair)$8,300.00
Speaker CablesJorma DesignUnity Biwire (Pair)$7,700.00
Jumper CablesJorma DesignUnity Jumper$1,600.00
Power CablesJorma DesignUnity Power$2,000.00

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