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Music Hall's a70.2 Integrated Amplifier
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Music Hall's a70.2 Integrated Amplifier

Amplifiers by Music Hall

Manufacturer's Description:

The a70.2, our most powerful integrated amplifier to date, impresses with its brawn yet wows with its delicacy.  The engulfing soundstage presented and engaging sonic character are the direct result of our brilliant circuit design and careful attention placed on the critical elements for accurate and musical sound reproduction while eliminating all unnecessary bits.  Geared primarily toward the music lover with a two channel audio system, we have included a direct av input (home theater bypass), for those who want to use the amplifier section of the a70.2 to power the front channels in a home theater set-up.  Vinyl fans will rejoice over the exceptional moving-magnet phono preamp.  Constructed using the finest parts and hand assembled, the a70.2 is the ideal component around which to build a stunning audio system.

* 125 watt/ch stereo amp
* ultra quiet preamp section with gold plated inputs.
* high grade no-short speaker binding posts for A & B speakers
* direct AV (home theater bypass) input
* CD,Tuner, Aux, iPod input, XLR, and MM phono input
* gorgeous slim line system remote control
* low distortion highly accurate TI PGA 2311 digitally controlled analog volume control
* special vibration damping feet
* dual-mono design
* preamp output
* headphone output
* detachable AC cable
* 2 x massive Toroidal power transformer - one for each channel
* thick brushed aluminum fascia
* easily readable and dimmable vacuum florescent display
* solid chassis
* voltage switchable

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