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Tara Labs's Zero Onyx (Pair)
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Tara Labs's Zero Onyx (Pair)

Interconnects by Tara Labs

Manufacturer's Description:

ZERO Onyx:

The ZERO Onyx provides a level of performance that may be the most popular choice for audiophiles.  Although the ZERO Onyx does not use the vacuum-dielectric concept of the ZERO Gold, the ZERO Onyx does use the same construction design and all of the same materials as the ZERO Gold.  

So, the ZERO Onyx is the same as the ZERO Gold, but without the vacuum-dielectric system.  The air-dielectric system construction of the ZERO Onyx means that RSC conductors need to be insulated, but the insulation is a fine layer of aerospace polyethylene, a very neutral material with minimal audible effect.

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