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Tara Labs's Zero Gold (Pair)
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Tara Labs's Zero Gold (Pair)

Interconnects by Tara Labs

Manufacturer's Description:

ZERO Gold:

The ZERO Gold is the ultimate model in the ZERO Series of interconnects.  Using RSC conductors, polished by hand, with no insulation material, provides for the most transparent and coherent sound possible.  Using specially designed RCA and XLR connectors, the ZERO Gold uses a tube and vacuum system that means that the un-insulated conductors will not oxidize.  The theoretical ideal of 2 conductors suspended in a vacuum has become reality.

The ZERO Gold delivers lifelike sounding vocals, pin-point imaging and resolution of fine detail with ease.  You will hear a vanishingly low noise floor and a  complete absence of distortion.  The reproduction of the recorded space can only be described as holographic.  The qualities of reverberation and ambient retrieval are simply astonishing.  The performance of the ZERO Gold is beyond comparison to any other interconnect cable design.

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