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Dynamique Audio's Zenith 2 RCA (Pair)
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Dynamique Audio's Zenith 2 RCA (Pair)

Interconnects by Dynamique Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

Our flagship interconnects, Zenith is a triple-balanced design that features our distributed gauge and twin resonance damper technologies for optimum bandwidth and low-level detailing. Each channel incorporates six highest-purity 5N silver cores of varying gauge sizes, arranged in our helical array GEOMETRY for optimised conductor spacing. Insulation is the finest grade of air-spaced PTFE Teflon. Zenith offers stunning power and dynamics along with superb resolution, so that even the smallest details are clearly rendered.

Terminations include WBT Nextgen 0152 AG RCA plugs or premium carbon-fiber XLR connectors with rhodium-plated tellurium copper pins.

CONDUCTOR TYPE : Pure Silver (5N) solid-core
CONDUCTORS : 2 x 20 AWG, 2 x 21 AWG, 2 x 22 AWG
DIELECTRIC : Teflon, super air-spaced
GEOMETRY :Helical array, Distributed gauge,Triple-balanced
DAMPING: 2 x resonance dampers per channel
CONNECTORS (RCA) : WBT Nextgen 0152 Ag
CONNECTORS (XLR) : Carbon-fiber/Rhodium-plated copper

Pricing Information

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Price: $2,019.00
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