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Analysis Plus's Yellow Oval Instrument Cable
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Analysis Plus's Yellow Oval Instrument Cable

Pro Cables by Analysis Plus

Our pricing for this product is "MAP Pricing," which means the "minimum advertised price" permitted by the manufacturer. When calculating your final price we will compare the price with your "Frequent Flyer" ...pricing incentives included to the MAP price. Whichever is lower is the final price you will pay.

Manufacturer's Description:

The YELLOW OVAL instrument cable is our best seller.  It has won Editor's pick in Bass Player and Keyboard magazine.  It is the cable John Mayer, Richard Bona, Paul Carrack, Jeremy Meek,  Chris Rodriguez & Brad Rice of Keith Urban's Band, Peter Holstrom, Rick Rosasa (Neil Young's band), Jack Casady (Hot Tuna), Jaime David Vazquez  and many other great players love. The conductors are low loss 18 gauge oxygen free copper woven in our patented oval design. It is a balanced design (not coaxial like others). To get maximum performance you wouldn't put bicycle tires on a Ferrari - the same is true for your guitar and amp.

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Price: $119.00
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