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VooDoo Cable's X-Ray
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VooDoo Cable's X-Ray

Power Cables by VooDoo Cable

Manufacturer's Description:

The X-Ray Video Powercord is designed to deliver exceptionally clean, stable AC power to high-performance video components, projectors, scalers and monitors. The X-Ray Video Powercord will provide improved color saturation, scan resolution, black-level stability, and longer bulb life in LCD projectors and monitors. The X-Ray Video Powercord will also enhance the sonic performance of audio source components, CD/DVD players and pre-amps and electrostatic speakers.

The X-Ray Powercord is built with #12 AWG silver-plated high-purity copper conductors. The conductors are coated with Teflon dielectric insulation to suppress AC noise. All of the wire and connectors used to build the X-Ray Powercord have been cryogenically treated in our cold fusion deep immersion process at -315 F (-192 C) to structurally align and fuse the metallurgical molecular bond of the alloy crystals for lower resistance and significantly less line noise. 

The power cord body is extremely lightweight and sheathed with abrasion-resistant polyethylene mesh for durability and flexibility. The X-Ray Powercord is available with standard C14 IEC or C7 IEC (polarized and non-polarized) connectors with AC Plugs listed below.

Pricing Information

Wall Plug
Component IEC
Price: $195.00
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