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Kimber Kable's Wonder Solder (Lead Based)
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Kimber Kable's Wonder Solder (Lead Based)

DIY Tools and Accessories by Kimber Kable

Manufacturer's Description:

* Wonder Solder is: Used by professionals the world over
* 16 Gauge - .050" thick
* 1 pound spool
* Special formula has a low melting temperature, (380 F). Compared to other solders, it melts sooner, then flows INSTANTLY into the joint. Result? Each joint takes far less time than other solders. Saving time, labor & money.
* Technical superiority: Wonder Solder UltraClear cleans surfaces very well, giving superior adhesion and fusion, while flushing away impurities such as surface oxides from the signal path. Yielding cleaner, more transparent sound. Equally important, Wonder Solder creates a purer metal solder joint, with less and fewer dirty impurities within the joint, than other solders, which leave more dirty impurities trapped inside the joint (these dirty impurities, such as oxides, distort and degrade the music signal). Indeed, Wonder Solder's purity is controlled with fanatical precision (2 parts per million) for key ingredients. That's a key reason why Wonder Solder sounds so much better than other solders.
* Compare Wonder Solders superior flow yourself! Set iron temperature to 750 F for optimum flow, and see a thin layer of flux and solder instantly flash across the joint. Presto! Your two conductors are already joined together, much faster than by other solders. Naturally, you can then continue to add more solder, to fill the joint. Professionals love Wonder Solder because of this much faster flow ability, which makes Wonder Solder a joy to work with, and saves the professional time and money. In fact, if your time is worth money, Wonder Solder literally pays for itself by saving you time and labor, which means that the true price of Wonder Solder is free! 

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