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Solid Steel's WS-5 Wall Shelf
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Solid Steel's WS-5 Wall Shelf

Racks and Stands by Solid Steel

Manufacturer's Description:

SolidSteel WS-5 Wall Shelf: Reference Level Isolation, Affordable Price

SolidSteel's first wall shelf offering is an absolute knockout. This glorious wall shelf in unassuming black powder-coat with a black MDF shelf is perhaps the best thing to happen to turntables since vinyl. Weighing in at a massive 28 lbs., the WS-5 is a rock-solid platform delivering reference-level isolation at an attainable price. Form follows function, the WS-5 supports even the heaviest of turntables, yet retains the elegance of its Italian heritage. Heavy gauge steel for the perimeter and the massive wall plate are complemented by graceful touches adding air and life to what might otherwise have been a monolithic design.

Rated to handle 130 lbs. with a large 19.5" x 16.25" shelf, there are few turntables the WS-5 won’t work with. The WS-5 is as sturdy as they come with a massive 2" tall by 1" thick steel outer frame welded to an extremely thick 6” tall back plate. The 1" square crossbars are taken directly from SolidSteel's own 5-series racks as are the proprietary Duraluminum isolation cones. Leveling of the 3/4” MDF shelf may be fine-tuned via the four cone cups using an Allen key.

Mounting the WS-5
The WS-5 is capable of truly staggering weight handling capability only when mounted to a proper structure and with proper hardware. Designed to be mounted on 16” studs, the WS-5 can also be mounted on virtually any other load bearing structure (brick, concrete, etc) as long as the appropriate connectors are used. Please consult your local hardware store for more info, each connector used must be able to hold at least 100Lbs.

Rack Dimensions (WDH): 22.5x 18.875x 6.125" (including backplate)

Shelf Dimensions (WDH): 19.5x 16.25x 0.75"

Max Capacity: 130Lbs

Shipped Weight: 29Lbs

Isolation: Solidsteel Duraluminum Cones x4

Included Items:

    1x Frame

    1x Shelf

    1x Set of 4 cones

    1x Cardboard Template for wall mounting

Pricing Information

Price: $499.00
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