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fo.Q's WR-312 Rack
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fo.Q's WR-312 Rack

Racks and Stands by fo.Q

Manufacturer's Description:

A high-quality audio rack with a white finish. The shelves are made from organic polymer hybrid vibration-damping sheets, advanced hybrid ceramics, and wood. The rack efficiently absorbs undesirable vibrations in the audio system, bringing out the full potential of the system.

In order to make the audio-listening environment even more comfortable, a heretofore unavailable white coating is used to blend better with the interior. Assembly can be performed without tools, simply requiring shelf boards to be bolted to chrome-plated steel pipes.

Size:     600(W) x 450(D) x 610(H) mm
Shelf board Size:     600(W) x 450(D) x 12(H) mm  3 tables
Support mechanism of the shelf board:     50mmφ chrome-plated steel pipes
weight :    23kg
Load Resistance:     50kg/table

Pricing Information

Price: $5,250.00
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