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WBT's WBT-0725 Power Bridge- Safety Line (Single)
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WBT's WBT-0725 Power Bridge- Safety Line (Single)

Binding Post by WBT

Manufacturer's Description:

Designed primarily for the OEM market to meet strict European CE safety standards, the WBT-0725 Cu/Ag Power Bridge replaces the brass jumpers found as standard equipment on most speakers.

Uninsulated jumpers are no longer legal in Europe as they pose a shock threat due to a lack of insulation. A popular alternative to the brass jumper is a jumper cable. However, these also are no longer legal as one end can come undone and present a shock hazard as well.

The WBT-0725 Cu/Ag Power Bridge addresses the above problems as they are fully insulated with Makrolon plastic for shock protection and, because both terminals are removed at the same time, the "live-wire" situation is avoided. The back of the WBT-0725 Cu/Ag is damped with an elastomer to minimize vibration.

WBT-0725 Cu/Ag Power Bridges can be used in conjunction with any WBT™ binding post (except the WBT-0701). When purchased with WBT™ posts,

WBT-0725 Cu/Ag Power Bridges make an excellent modification to any bi-wire loudspeaker. Please refer to the accompanying diagram for mounting dimensions

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