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WBT's WBT-0102 AG-KIT RCA (Set of 4)
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WBT's WBT-0102 AG-KIT RCA (Set of 4)


Manufacturer's Description:

Contacts utilize passivated pure fine silver.  The body is constructed with brass and then platinum plated to give a nice aesthetic appeal.  The central contact assembly is made of Ultramid and the negative contact uses Dyneon.  The barrel is comprised of brass with a shiny black piano lacquer finish.  A charateristic impedance of 75 ohms makes this a perfect match for digital audio and video.  The maximum size conductor that can be used is 1.5mm-2 / 16-17 Awg.  Maximum diameter of cable with dielectric is 9mm-s / 0.354 inches-2.  The barrel is offered in black only.

Kit Includes: 4 Plugs, WBT Solder, Torx key, boxed.

Note: Comes in standard Red and White.  Custom colors available upon request.

Pricing Information

Price: $436.00
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