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Audiotop's Vinyl Set
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Audiotop's Vinyl Set

Cleaners by Audiotop

Manufacturer's Description:

Product Features:

• Starter Kit: Vinyl 1 + Vinyl 2 + Stylus

Vinyl 1: Special purpose record cleaning detergent for use with vacuuming record cleaning machine / 1000 ml.

Vinyl 2: Fluid for relaxation of record surface-tension / 50 ml.

Stylus: Special cleaner for diamond cartridges / 10 ml.
Product Specifications:

Vinyl 1 Formula: Mixture of an highly purified (99,999%) non specified substance, Aqua Purificata (repeatedly distilled and purified) and special tensides.

Vinyl 2 Formula: Non specified gas contained in highly purified (99,9995%) carrier substance.

Stylus Formula: Mixture of an highly purified (99,999%) non specified substance and special nonionic tensides.

Pricing Information

Price: $415.00
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