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Audiotop's Vinyl 1
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Audiotop's Vinyl 1

Cleaners by Audiotop

Manufacturer's Description:

Product Features:

• Audiotop Vinyl 1 is a special detergent for use with vacuuming record cleaning machines. The extraordinary cleaning power is immediately audible due to the smooth and silent groove gliding and improved detail of the recorded music. To further enhance the result we recommend the after-treatment, Vinyl 2.

The improvement has to be heard to be believed and even brand-new records will profit!
Product Specifications:

Formula: Mixture of an highly purified (99,999%) non specified substance, Aqua Purificata (repeatedly distilled and purified) and special tensides.

Instructions: Apply Vinyl 1 on the record - according to the manual of your vacuum cleaning machine - and distribute it evenly using a brush. Let it work awhile. The remaining fluid must just cover the microgrooves. Take care that all dissolved dirt particles up to the outer rim are completely vacummed off.

Characteristics: The ingredients of Vinyl 1 as well as the optimal vacuum cleaning (depends on the vacuum-cleaning machine and the practical expertise of the user) ensures a clean surface without any residue and for the very first time real "Virgin Vinyl" can be enjoyed to its full acoustic potential! 

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Price: $177.00
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