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Vibrapod Company's Vibrapods (Single)
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Vibrapod Company's Vibrapods (Single)

Feet by Vibrapod Company

Manufacturer's Description:

Model 1 :
    - Recommended Weight (ea.) : 2 1/2 lbs
    - Weight Range (ea.) : 2 to 3 lbs
    - Suggested Uses: CD, DVD, DSS Receivers, Laserdisc Players &             Transports, DAC's, Pre Amps, Amplifiers, Integrated's, Turntables, Tuners,     Sewing Machines, Speakers, Xbox, Playstations

Model 2 :
    - Recommended Weight (ea.) :  6 lbs
    - Weight Range (ea.) : 4 to 8  lbs
    - Suggested Uses : CD, DVD, Dac's, Laserdisc Players & Transports, Pre      amps, Amplifiers, Integrated's Turntables, Tuners, Sewing Machines,         Speakers

Model 3 :
    - Recommended Weight (ea.) :  10 lbs
    - Weight Range (ea.) : 8 to 12  lbs
    - Suggested Uses : Medium Weight Amps, DAC's, Transports, Turntables,     Tuners, Sewing Machines, Speakers

Model 4 :
    - Recommended Weight (ea.) :  16 lbs
    - Weight Range (ea.) : 14 to 18  lbs
    - Suggested Uses : Heavy Amps, DAC's, Transports, Turntables, Tuners,         Sewing Machines, Speakers

Model 5 :
    - Recommended Weight (ea.) :  25 lbs
    - Weight Range (ea.) : 22 to 28  lbs
    - Suggested Uses : Extremely Heavy Amps, Turntables, Tuners, Speakers

All Models of VIBRAPOD Isolators are 9/16" Tall and 2 7/16" Diameter with a Temperature Range of 50°F To 100°F.

The VIBRAPOD Cone is 1.1" Tall and 1 5/8" in Diameter.

The VIBRAPOD Cone and VIBRAPOD Isolator combined height is approximately 1-5/8" tall.

When combining VIBRAPOD Isolators and Cones use the weight that an Isolator can support.
VIBRAPOD Isolators may leave rings on woods, acrylics, and painted surfaces. They may also dissolve the paint, especially if it is lacquer. To protect these surfaces and your equipment please use BAR COASTERS or PLAYING CARDS between the VIBRAPOD Isolators and these surfaces. AOL Discs work well too. 

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